Rembrandt PupilDespite his graduation from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1987, and a successive art practise including several international art projects, painter René Klarenbeek has always felt lacking in his artistic education, technical knowledge and pictorial skills. So it had become due time to take action, by looking for an appropriate master painter for some successive schooling.

In the autumn of 2004 the REMBRANDT PUPIL PROJECT was inaugurated with the aim to fill in this gap by studying master Rembrandt’s originals. Although he was separated from his self-sought master by some centuries in time, this contemporary pupil submitted himself to the same study program which his 17th century predecessors had once followed in Rembrandt’s studio. From that moment on, over the course of several years, he visited and worked in situ in various international museums and collections.

Many inspiring original Rembrandt paintings and drawings were intensely studied and reconstructed by this 20th (currently 21st) century pupil. Please visit for a detailed report of the project.

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