PersonaeThe CONTERFEYTER project would not have been possible without the courteous contributions of those who have acted and posed patiently as the chosen characters for the different PERSONAE of the history paintings. Although many of them are artists themselves; all of them are using their imagination in their private and professional existence. That is why we prefer to call them our ‘imaginers’.

The similarities and contradictions between the IMAGINERS and their performed characters are not coincidental and provide further interpretive layers in the scenes of these new history paintings. Thus making these mutually agreed upon performances both very interesting for them as well for the painter.

Although none of the IMAGINERS will be ‘conterfeyted’ more than once in the history paintings, only the painter himself will be the permanent ‘steady’ in all of the scenes, representing very different and sometimes self-contradictive characters of himself in every painting.

  • Anar Rasulov
  • Arjan Rijnsburger
  • Armando
  • Aurélie Cayla
  • Boy van den Hoorn
  • Carol Pottasch
  • Cherry Duyns
  • Christophe Dumont
  • Dagmar Drews
  • Daniël Tavenier
  • Emilie Gordenker
  • Epco Runia
  • Geert-Jan Borgstein
  • Hannah Saya
  • Ingrid Rollema
  • Jan Hoogervorst
  • Jan Rot
  • Jeroen van der Burg
  • Jessy Rahman
  • Lilly van Doorn
  • Marc Claeijs
  • Marnix van der Laan
  • Nesrine Larache
  • Nina
  • Pietertje van Splunter
  • Roline Offers
  • Rudy van Doorn
  • Thomas Beier-Merkert
  • Wiet Geurts-Dijkstra
  • Wilbert van Diemen
  • Zeger Reyers

and anonymous models