Diogenes (16)

January 1, 2018

After the extensive work on the two rather complicated chandeliers, even eight of the twelve extras of the scene have now been ‘painted up’ from the painting’s death colouring stage. Now it is time to paint the reflection of the three different light sources on the gallery floor. (more…)

Diogenes (15)

October 10, 2017

After sufficient drying time, the ‘doodverf-stage’ of the chandeliers is ready to be subsequently worked with up semi-transparent glazes containing several oil ground colours. (more…)

Diogenes (14)

September 30, 2017

It has now become time to return the large crystal chandeliers which illuminate the gallery back into the painting. At an earlier stage, both of them have purposefully disappeared in the course of the painting process. (more…)

Diogenes (13)

September 9, 2017

Although it has been a wonderful three weeks to occupy the heart of the Galerij Prins Willem V with easel, painting and various studio materials, it also feels very good to finally get back into the seclusion of the CONTERFEYTER studio. (more…)

Diogenes (12)

August 15, 2017

One of the largest paintings in the Galerij Prins Willem V is Govert Flinck’s 1654 signed and dated “Allegory on the memory of Frederik Hendrik, prince of Orange, with the portrait of his widow Amalia van Solms”. (more…)

Diogenes (11)

August 10, 2017

With his uninterrupted three-week work period in the Galerij Prins Willem V almost coming to an end, René Klarenbeek, for the first time working on his CONTERFEYTER series of large scale contemporary history paintings, (more…)